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5 W's of Wisdom

5 W's of Wisdom

The most prized possession one could ever have is wisdom. Wisdom is the source of all good things that you can imagine. You may want fame and fortune. Or you may want to enjoy great relationships. One who has wisdom knows the way to true happiness.
It is not a wonder that King Solomon asked wisdom from God. He could have asked for wealth, fame and fortune. He was blessed with everything else that one can ever imagine.
Wisdom comes from asking the right questions. Here are five questions that will help. Wisdom starts with the letter W. All five questions also start with W.

Who to look up to?

All wisdom has to come from some source. The best source one can find is God himself? The Bible tells us in Proverbs 9:10- "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom." The root Hebrew word which has been translated fear means deep reverence. This is a line worth memorizing.
One of attributes of God is unlimited wisdom. He knows the end from the beginning. The way to get wisdom is by looking up to God in prayer and asking for it.

What to look for?

This is an important question that should not be overlooked. To understand this, one must first seek the true purpose of life. The things that the majority of people seek is wealth and the things that wealth can buy. However we all need to realize that these are temporary gratifications.
However, there are things that last beyond the worldly. There are things that last forever. They are faith, hope and peace. These are spiritual in nature. One should really be looking for these. The rest will follow.

Where to leave things?

There are things that are positive. Things that bring joy and happiness to us and everyone around us. They should always be kept close to us. They will always help us in our way. Our thoughts, deeds and words should always be positive.
On the other hands there are things like anger, envy, malice, hatred and gossip. These things are negative in nature. It damages and destroys anyone who indulges in these. These thoughts, words and deeds should be discarded immediately. They are garbage and that is where they should be left.

When to move on?

There will be times in life when things do not go our way. Nothing seems to work the way we planned. Times like these are meant for correction and planning. The worst mistake we can do at such times is to be stuck in that moment.
We need to know that it is time to move on. That is because life is like a journey. When it is night, one may stay in an inn. At dawn, it is time to embark on the journey again. We do not wait in the inn forever. Keep moving.

Why it is all necessary?

Now this is a question that each one should answer for themselves. Knowing your why is very important. This would differ from person to person. Though I mentioned it last, it should be the first question to ask. Knowing the why and answering it begins the series of the other questions. The reason I kept it last is simple. This article ends here. However, for you as the reader, The journey to wisdom actually begins here.
Hoping this inspiring quote from Michael Hyatt will help you find your why:

"When you know your why, you will know your way"


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