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My Life in time of Social Distancing

Most of us will relate to the movie 'The Martian'. More in these times than any other time. 
In the movie, we see Matt Damon left behind on Mars... all alone. Based on a novel by Andy Wier and directed by Ridley Scott, the movie captures the attention of the audience as 'The Martian' tries various activities to stay alive, occupied and find a way back home. The movie highlights the strong survival instincts of man.

We all are in a similar situation. Many of us may say yes. Well, not really. Unlike 'The Martian', we are still on planet Earth. Thank God, we are with our family.
Now that we are all at home now, the question that is looming large on all our minds is "what do I do now?" We tried everything that we keep ourselves occupied with. We flooded the social media with our digital discussions. Online gamer's are almost lost in their digital gaming world. We finished our quota of listening to music. We watched all the movies that we had missed due to our busy lives. And now we do not know what to do next to keep occupied.
I am no different. Many of my friends are sailing in the same boat. In fact, I feel we are on the same ship... a huge one.
Hence I decided to do something different. I am putting my thoughts on this blog. Something I have not done for a ling time. Please accept my apologies for not blogging. I hope, this may help. This is not a planned post. I am just typing as my free mind is leading me. I request you all to ignore errors in language and grammar. This is a post from my heart to yours.
So let us look at things that we can do. Things that we could have done earlier too... but did not due to our busy lives. I will just list a few of my thoughts on connecting. May be I may write detailed articles in days to come.

Connect with God

I realize now that I was really missing on connecting with God. The Holy Scriptures tell us that He is our loving heavenly Father. I am glad that I have time to kneel and thank God for what he is and what he has done for all of us. I am happy that I am spending more time glorifying, adoring and loving Him. I am more joyful as my family can sit come together as a family in our family prayer time. I would only dream about this earlier as we all were working different shifts.

Connect with self

Do we really know ourselves? We think we do. However the fact is we don't. How often have we tried to feed our mind and body with the food it needs. Think about it. Ask yourself. Wait for the answer from within. We have fed our minds with junk. You don't believe me. Take a look at all your social media posts. Put your hand on your heart and tell me all of it is helping my mind stay healthy. Look at the kind of food we have been eating and beverages we have been consuming. Was it all healthy. No wonder most of what we ate came under the category of junk food. Thank God, we are all eating healthy now. Hope we feed our minds with the right stuff now.

Connect with family

The other day, I spent a lot of time playing Monopoly with my family. Frankly, I do not enjoy the game a lot. But I felt nice about playing with my wife and son. I am truly happy for this time I get to talk to them, to share, to watch a movie with them. I am so glad that we are at the moment a family that eats together and prays together.

Connect with positive minded people

I am so glad, I am in touch with a lot of positive minded people. In these perilous times, it is very easy to be lost in negativity. It is extremely important to connect with people who think positive. In times of uncertain economic backlash and job cuts, are we connecting with people who are talking about solutions. Look for the right people with the right options. As we see our Plan A in distress, search for a Plan B. I am glad, I am surrounded by people who want to be the solution (virtually of course). My advise to you is find yours.

I am keeping myself occupied with these at the moment. I am sure I will find more constructive activities to do. I hope this was helpful. If you would like me to write about something, please do leave a comment. Please stay home, stay safe, trust in God.


  1. Beautiful thoughts Rohan. A beautiful way to keep oneself occupied👌😃😍

    1. Thank you Abigail. Will try to bring more articles. Hope they help the readers

  2. Wow nicely expressed your views, I think most of the people are doing the same for that we should thank God and praise him becz I not feel in my life I won't experience this type of time..

    1. Indeed. Praise God at all times. God is testing our love for him

  3. Well said Rohan.
    Rediscovering ourselves after being years in the mad rush and valuing the simple things in life is something this event has taught us.

    1. True Anil. And this time is a gift for us who were part of the mad rush

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Diamond. Hope you and your family members are safe and protected

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