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About Me

Hello readers. I am happy to welcome you. I would like to share something about myself and why Wise Gems was created.
I am a writer. My forte is writing short articles for websites and magazines. I love to write. Words are like flowers in bloom during spring time. For me writing is like creating a bouquet of these flowers. Needless to say, I find joy in the creation.
Apart from that I am an artist and love to create artworks. I work on mediums like paper and canvas using water colors and acrylic colors.

About Wise Gems
We are living in a fast world that is changing faster than ever before. Catching up means a lot of mental strain and stress. We all are aware about nutrition for the body to keep it going. Very few are aware about nutrition for the mind.
A good read is what the mind needs. A positive thought brings freshness to an entire day. The best way to get this food for thought is good books.
But what does one do in this fast paced world. What if there are small articles that give slices of positive wisdom. Articles that are quick to read and at the same time effective. Small gems of thoughts that will linger in the mind for the entire day.
My effort through this endeavor would be to present these treasures in small portions. Wise Gems of positive thoughts from all over... Just for you.

My Dream
My dream is to brighten every mind with beautiful thoughts. My dream is to see a beautiful world full of love and care. My dream is to see each one lead a happy and fulfilling life.
You may say I am inspired by John Lennon's 'Imagine'. I say "I am not the only one".

My Gratitude
I thank God for creating a beautiful world around us and for us. My gratitude to my family and friends for their support.
Your comments and feedback mean a world to me.
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