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Starting Point to a life of your Dreams

Imagine you are filling a survey. One of the questions asks you if you want to be wealthy. You have an option to answer in a yes or a no. Which one would you choose?

I guess everyone will answer yes.

Now, let us come to the real World. Statistics show that about 5% of the world's population enjoys 95% of the world's wealth. The rest of the population slog to earn a share out of the 5% leftover wealth. 

Where do you stand? Among the smaller group that is enjoying the major portion of the global economy or in the group that is fighting for the leftovers. The most important reason is that while everyone wants to be really wealthy, very few really want to be wealthy. This sounds like a paradox. Everyone fantasises wealth. The ones who become wealthy are the ones who dreams.

You may ask what is the difference. I would like to quote Dr. A. P. J.  Abdul Kalam, "Dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something that does not let you sleep." Dreams that do not drive you are fantasies.

This is a fast changing world. Gone are the days when getting wealth was a lifetime of hard labour. Smart work is the buzz word. Tons of books have been written about smart way to wealth. I will not get in to the depth if this wide subject. Rather, I propose to introduce you to this subject. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Revisit our real dreams

The first step is to look inside. Most of us live through our lives without having a clarity of what we want. We did have clarity when we were kids. We had lots of real dreams unhampered by any external factors. However, over the years we have lost them. Over the years, we have conditioned ourselves into the mindset of "we can't". The clarity we has become clouded and hazy. Somewhere along the way we lost our dream. 

It is time we revisited our real dreams. The kind of life we want to live rather than the kind of life we can afford to live. It may take some time. Remember, we lost our way. Now we have to find our way back to the time we were dreamers.

Document your real dreams

What to do when we find our way back to our real dreams? Compare with what we have now. For example, are we actually owning the car we dreamt of owning some day. Simple isn't it.

Now comes the important part. Start writing the ones we have not fulfilled. We don't want to be lost again, do we? Write your dreams in a journal. Make it as vivid as possible down to the finest detail like texture, colour etc. Paste pictures associated with your dream. Keep the journal in a place where you can find it easily. Every thing you have ever dreamt of must be in that journal. This journal is your Dream Book

Make an appointment with your dreams

Now that we have created our Dream Book, use it as an appointment diary. Make an appointment with your dreams everyday. Your dreams are precious to you. Treat them with respect and care. Set aside a time of the day. Preferably do it twice a day. Once when you wake up and once just before going to bed. Read your dreams aloud. Look tenderly at the pictures. Place your hand and feel them. Close your eyes and feel them again. Make them real. Everyday. 

Why talk about Dreams?

I know you have this question. We were discussing wealth. What are we doing in the world of dreams? The secret key to wealth lies in the answer to that question. Remember we began by talking about small group of people who enjoy the 5% of the worlds total wealth. Each one in that group started with their dreams. They all had big dreams that they kept an appointment with. They did it everyday. Their dreams became strong desires. These desires created the path for them that led them to fulfilment.  In the process they all acquired wealth too. 


Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there were two neighbours. Fantasy and Desire were their names. Every morning they would look out of the window and watch Wealth pass by. Wealth was very popular. Everyone in town wanted Wealth to visit their homes. Fantasy and Desire were no different.Everyday, they would smile and wave at Wealth. Wealth would wave and smile back. One day both Fantasy and Desire invited Wealth into their home. Wealth asked they why should he visit their homes. Fantasy had a very vague answer. She never really had a strong reason. She never really know why. Wealth politely declined her offer. Desire on the other hand was exited to answer the question. She knew exactly why she wanted to invite Wealth home. Her excitement really impressed Wealth. He visited her home. 

I will leave the moral of the story open for your comments.


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